Quality Control Process

Our translation process has been carefully crafted to efficiently utilize the work of skilled and certified language experts within a document translation structure that promotes speed, accuracy and expertise. The end result will always be a top-quality, accurate translation that meets your specific criteria. The following are the steps within our fail-safe Quality Control Process that your translation project will undergo in order to ensure the highest degree of quality and accuracy:

1 Document Translated Based on your specific requirements and the type of document you need translated, we will hand-pick the ideal translator to handle your project. The translator assigned to your project will have the knowledge, education and experience required to complete your translation needs with accuracy and competency. We combine tools and methods to ensure that the precise terms are utilized every time.
2 Quality Control Edit The translated document is sent to one of our approved Quality Control (QC) Editors. They check for consistency, readability and minor issues that may be associated with your document. This step, which is included in the cost, is taken as an additional protocol to make sure your completed document meets the high standards of Technovate Translations.
3 Comments & Changes After the document has been translated, proofread and edited where necessary, it is then returned to the original translator with comments and areas that may require attention. This allows any issues to be tracked and corrected, guaranteeing that any issue that needs to be dealt with is handled efficiently.
4 2nd Quality Control Check If required, the document is sent back a second time to our QC Editor with revisions implemented by a translator for final approval to ensure a completed and accurate translation.
5 Project Complete Once the document has been finalized it’s made available to the customer for instantaneous downloading via our custom database.


At VietransPro, we only employ the highly skilled team members necessary to ensure we achieve the Quality Control Industry Standard efficiently and accurately to deliver to you the highest quality translated document possible!

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