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The translation of financial data not only requires both total security and confidentiality, but also fast turnaround times and of course complete accuracy.  The need for security in financial translation is obvious: an annual report being translated into multiple languages may not yet be in the public domain and hence our translators must retain the upmost confidentiality and discretion.  Every translator and interpreter in our team has signed a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement.

Financial data is always time critical and as a result the completion of the translation is required within a very short lead-time from the production of the final draft to allow for the printing and publishing online. Of course accurate translation is paramount, since even the slightest scope for a reader to not fully understand the content of an annual report might be huge.  For these reasons, our clients rely on the VietransPro team at Centuries time and time again.  A dedicated  translation project manager means only having to talk to one contact no matter how many languages you need translating and regular updates on progress during the project will mean never having to chase or worry about a missed translation deadline.

If you need to contact our team directly, email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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