The story of Vietnam Professional Translation Company begins in the 2000s, when the company's founders realized that the Vietnamese market was lacking in reputable and professional translation service providers. Started by establishing a small-size translation company in Hanoi with a branch in Ho Chi Minh City, after a short time, the company has grown rapidly with excellent business records and is recognized by domestic and international partners as a prestigious and best translation agency in Vietnam for a professional working style, effective consulting, and focusing on service quality.

Following the success, with the efforts of the Board of Directors and the support of domestic and international partners, a stable and strong professional foundation, in 2010, Vietnam Professional Translation Company has expanded the markets to Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and then the United States and other European countries.

With a management team having extensive experience, understanding of domestic and international translation markets, and a network of domestic and international collaborators with the constantly-growing number to over 1000 people who are of wide language knowledge, professionally trained and ready to realize the company's goal - to become the best Professional Translation Company and the leading Language Solution Provider in Vietnam.

Through its core business of translation, Vietnam Professional Translation Company has provided language products and services to meet the diverse needs of different customer segments from domestic and international organizations and businesses to individual customers. That is probably the reason why more than 10,000 business and individual customers annually choose Vietnam Professional Translation Company as their language companion.

In the following years, Vietnam Professional Translation Company has continued to grow and is today one of the most famous and reputable companies in the field of translation in Vietnam and internationally. With a commitment to providing consistent quality services globally, the company will continue to keep its professional ("Pro") style forward.

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